What are the Reasons for Epson Communication Error?

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    Here are the Reasons for epson error 0x97, you can follow the step given below:
    1. It may occur due to Faulty power cable
    2. The problem in the power socket
    3. If the cable connection is loose
    4. Network connectivity issues, if you are using a wireless Epson printer
    5. Hardware Printer problem
    6. Outdated printer drivers
    Hopefully above steps will help you to fix the issue if not you can also follow our blog to see more on epson error code 0x97 wf-3640.


    Epson Communication Error is a common problem that users often face while working on their Epson printer. It signifies an error that makes difficulties when your Epson printer tries to communicate with your computer or other devices.
    These are some common problems and small glitches that you might also face if communication error takes place. Have a look below:

    • You will come to see an error says Epson Communication Error.
    • You will get faint printouts from your Epson printer.
    • Your Epson printer makes problems while printing any documents.
    • You often come across ‘Printer paused’ error message while working on your printing machine.
    • Your Epson Printer doesn’t scan anything.

    Advanced Solution To Fix Epson Communication Error:
    Solution 1:
    Give A Quick Restart To Your System And Epson Printer
    To fix Epson Communication Error completely from the root, you should turn off your computer system. Also, you need to turn your Epson printer off and remove the USB cables to disconnect your machine. Now, wait for a couple of minutes and then turn your computer system on. Now, you should connect your printing machine to your printer using a USB capable. See whether it is showing any communication error or not. If yes, then you should go for the next step.

    Solution 2:
    Uninstall And Then Install The Driver Of Your Epson Printer:
    • Press the ‘Start’ button on your first step.
    • Next, you will get access to the Start menu and then navigate to the Control Panel.
    • Further, you should click on the ‘Devices and Printers’ option and click on the ‘Epson Printer’ option.
    • You should right-click on your printer to open the ‘Properties’ option and then click on the drivers’ tab.
    • Opt for the ‘Uninstall’ option and you will come across a set of instructions.
    • Now, you should follow the instructions to download the Epson printer driver by visiting the official website of Epson.
    • Further, you should go through the on-screen steps to install it again so that you can work efficiently.

    I hope both these solutions will be helpful to fix communication error in Epson.
    Mark Wilson

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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