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    Greetings. First post, so be kind. I have two Toshiba Laptops. C855–S5347 and L745-S4210 Satellites. The sound in my opinion is not up to par. I mean they work but have a tinny sound. They sound fine with heaphones. I have tried changing drivers, changing Operating Systems. Even tried linux. Same thing. Bought new set of speakers for the L745, put them in and it’s the same thing. I recently bought the C855 with windows 8.1 and it was the same before I touched it. Has anyone else noticed this on Toshiba Laptops. Levi working at best buy total tech support suggested to update the driver the issue was resolved. After that my laptop working fine without any issue.


    Method 1 – Click on Taskbar and Check your sound sources
    1. Click on Volume icon on taskbar in extreme right.

    2. If there is inverted v sign to expand as shown below , click on it.

    Expand Volume Options Taskbar

    3. Click on another speaker to select it, which should be responsible for volume on your PC.

    If there are more than 2 options, try selecting the one which works.

    Method 2 – Enable Playback devices
    Sometimes your speaker may have disabled from playback devices from the Control Panel. To enable it again you have to change it in control panel settings, follow these step to enable it.

    STEP 1 – Open Run box by pressing Windows and R keys together. Type control in the text box and hit Enter.

    STEP 2 – Click on Sound. A new window will pop-up and you can see audio playback devices list here. If you are not able to see anything right click and click on show disabled devices.

    STEP 3 – Right Click on disabled device and select Enable.

    Enable Playback Device

    STEP 4 – Click OK.

    Step 5 – Also select the device and click on Set Default

    Set Default Sound Device

    If still no sound output then follow steps ahead.

    STEP 6 – Right Click your audio device and select properties.

    Properties Playback Device

    STEP 6 – In the properties windows, head over to the Enhancements tab. Uncheck all the enhancements and Click OK.

    I hope both these methods will be helpful!

    Mark Wilson

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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