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    Features of student resume writing

    Experience in student resume
    It is very foolish to dump all cases of your earnings into your CV (even if it was honest work). Everyone understands that a student’s work experience, if any, is very little. It is imperative to enter only those cases of practice that correspond to the profile of either the company in which you plan to find a job, or the profile of your training. It will look organic and reasonable. Simply put, do not brag – you will definitely not impress the employer with this, but you run the risk of anger.

    Personal qualities in the student’s resume
    As a rule, the main personal qualities that can be safely indicated in the CV when applying for any position are:

    working capacity;
    attention to detail (if anything – tighten this quality);
    the ability to quickly switch (perhaps more in-depth training is needed here);
    the ability to generate new ideas (this is only required when hiring for a commercial company, and in the case of employment in a government structure, it would be more appropriate to mention the ability to carefully follow orders from the authorities, even if this is not the case).


    Don’t exaggerate your skills on your resume. If you are invited for an interview, then you will need to confirm everything verbally. Even if you do not have work experience, you can indicate your advantages that can help you get an invitation for an interview.
    Use resume examples https://resumeget.com/resume-examples and professional resume writing help. It will help you get your job done.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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