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    Though there are a great deal of ready-made solutions for third-party logistics (3PL), lots of companies build their own TMS solutions. For example, one of Yalantis clients asked us to create a SaaS transportation management system specifically for their business needs. Why is that?

    Despite the fact that choosing existing tools seems cheaper and easier, there are some pitfalls to this option (we’ve mentioned them above). A custom TMS software development, on the contrary, brings a whole set of benefits:

    Functionality. With transportation management system development, you can choose only the features you need and create a simple interface with built-in onboarding and hints. If you want to extend your functionality, you can ask your technology vendor to implement new modules and quickly integrate them into your existing solution.

    Data exchange. By building transportation management software with custom APIs, you can exchange information in a standardized data format with stakeholders’ warehouse management, enterprise resource planning, and other software solutions within your organization.

    Security. With the custom TMS solution, you become the owner of your product and can be sure that no third parties get access to your data. The security of your application is the responsibility of your technical partner, so you should choose the development team very carefully. In our article, we’ve already shed the light on the core elements of data security.

    Scalability. From the very start of building a custom TMS software, you should highlight the necessity of building a scalable application. And scalability should be put in the architecture of your software, otherwise, scaling your solution will become a real challenge.

    Qualified technology providers apply best practices for making software for logistics scalable. For instance, for making a delivery and logistics system easy to scale, we adopted the microservices approach instead of using the traditional monolithic one. Also, we made this solution cloud-based, so now we can add the required capacity by simply configuring AWS services.

    Cost. The initial investment for building your own system is higher than the cost of a monthly subscription. But in the long run, expenses on a monthly subscription will surpass the cost of ready-made solutions.

    We recommend making the list of features you need for your TMS and then checking if third-party software covers your needs. If so, calculate how much it will cost to use the software for a number of years. Also, reach out to some trustworthy technology partners to get an estimate of your custom logistics management software. For example, we’ve found a third-party TMS with the very basic functionality and calculated the cost of using this solution for five years. After that, we estimated the cost of building a custom app with the same functionality.

    Visit our guide on custom TMS development and get further instructions.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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