BizBell Pro

BizBell Pro is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with practically unlimited options for customization, making it an excellent choice for any business. It can be used to create any type of website like consultancy, finance, corporate, travel, education, medical. It is responsive, SEO-friendly, speed-optimized, and translation-ready. BizBell Pro is retina-ready and fully responsive. BizBell Pro theme has a wide list of customizable features including front page customizable sections with customizer API and many more options. This theme comes with lots of features such as column layout options for front page sections.
Note: if you purchase a single license theme then you can use this theme for a lifetime but the license key’s validity is one year. You can get an update notice for one year only.
If you purchase a single license / Lifetime license, license key validity for a lifetime. And you get theme update notice for a lifetime.

Theme Features

  • Topbar Section
  • Slider Section
  • Services Section
  • About Section
  • Project Section
  • Features Section
  • Pricing Section
  • Call To Action Section
  • Details Section
  • Team Section
  • Video Section
  • Gallery Section
  • Testimonial Section
  • Client Section
  • Counter Section
  • Blog Section
  • Theme Options
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Cross-browser compatibility



Features Comparison Free Pro
Social Media No (Yes)
Topbar Section (No) (Yes)
Featured Slider Section (Yes) 1 Content type (Yes) 3 Content type
Services Section (Yes) 1 Content type (Yes) 3 Content type
About Section (Yes) 1 Content type (Yes)3 Content type
Pricing Section (No) (Yes)
Details Section (No) (Yes)
Features Section (No) (Yes) 3 Content type
Team Section (Yes) 1 Content type (Yes) 3 Content type
Project Section (No) (Yes) 3 Content type
Gallery Section (No) (Yes) 3 Content type
Call To Action Section (Yes) Limited (Yes)
Video Section (No) (Yes)
Testimonial Section (yes) (Yes) 3 Content type
Client Section (No) (Yes)
Blog Section (Yes) (Yes)3 Content type
Counter Section (No) (Yes)
Archive Layout Options (Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, No Sidebar) (Yes) Limited (Yes)
Page Layout Options (Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, No Sidebar) (Yes) Limited (Yes)
Post Layout Options (Left Sidebar, Right Sidebar, No Sidebar) (Yes) Limited (Yes)
Pagination (Yes) Limited (Yes)
Global Page/Post Excerpt Length Option (Yes) (Yes)
Choose Header Image Option (Yes) (Yes)
Choose Different Header Image For Archive, Search, 404 Page (Yes) (Yes)
Social Links (Yes)Limited (Yes)
Typography(Font option) (No) (Yes)
Demo Importer (No) (Yes)
Header Font Size Option (No) (Yes)
Content Font Size Option (No) (Yes)
Single Post Option (No) (Yes)
Single Page Option (No) (Yes)
Topbar Background Color Option (No) (Yes)
Topbar Font Color Option (No) (Yes)
Footer Font Color Option (No) (Yes)
Footer Background Color Option (No) (Yes)
Footer Widget Area Font Color (No) (Yes)
Footer Widget Area Background Color (No) (Yes)
Slider Meta options (No) (Yes)
Change Theme Credit Link (No) (Yes)
Custom Theme Color Picker Option (No) (Yes)
Menu Sticky (No) (Yes)
Scroll to Top (No) (Yes)